Guard Street accompanies you on your safe way to the top. We will guide you on what you don’t know about security and prepare you for every risk from base camp to high camp to the summit.

    On the way to the top


Guard Street accompanies you on your safe way to the top. We will guide you on what you don’t know about security and prepare you for every risk from base camp to high camp to the summit.


Every 11 seconds, an organization suffers a ransomware attack.* 

On your way to the top, you need a comprehensive understanding of the latest threats targeting your business and how much risk to remediate, retain or transfer via a cyber risk insurance policy.  We understand the tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers to bypass defenses and we will help you quantify your cyber risk, prevent and mitigate it.  Here’s of JVSpin how we will help your organization:

– We’ll secure your remote and onsite workforce –
– Prevent risks and attacks as they happen with our managed detection and response service –
– Identify ongoing vulnerabilities, penetration testing, email security, employee training, advanced any analysis and incident response –
– Quantifying your cyber risk and insurance need –


  • Financial risks

    Let’s face it, exposure of your sensitive business data can have direct consequences, especially if your client’s and their customer’s information.  Criminals, competitors and other threatening parties may access this information.  This can result in fines, missing out on important business contracts, negatively impact your relationships, reputation, and your bottom line.

    To ensure your business is always in a position of strength and confidence, you need to work with Guard Street, a proven partner and specialist in cyber security who will have your back.

  • Brand Protection

    The misuse of your online brand gives adversaries the opportunity to target your employees, suppliers and customers. According to the SANS Institute, 95% of enterprise network attacks involve successful spear phishing attempts, a tactic widely used across a spectrum of adversaries, from state-level actors to low-level spammers.

    Cybercriminals impersonate your brand by registering spoof domains, social media accounts, and mobile applications. Successful phishing attempts against your customers can impact your revenue, loyalty and customer trust.  Guard Street uses advanced technology and years of expertise to protect your online brand reputation and revenue.

  • People

    Bringing employees to the defense of an organization is one of the most effective means of protecting it. While it’s important to have IT, InfoSec and management actively aware of the latest threats, many of the major challenges share themes that employees can spot and avoid if properly trained.  Guard Street will help improve your organization’s cybersecurity awareness and education.

  • Compliance and governance

    Establishing and maintaining a compliance program is a challenge for every organization. If it’s not comprehensive, you will be exposed.  Every day a new rule or regulation is published and by the time a company is up and running, the landscape may have changed. Once organizations have achieved a certification, maintaining those controls can be equally challenging.

  • Risk reporting

    Does your risk reporting contain all important parameters for banks, suppliers, and auditors?  Guard Street will improve your organization’s cybersecurity profile with measurement and monitoring.

  • Technical

    Is your IT infrastructure as secure as you think?  What happens if an attack happens?  Do you have a reaction plan?  There are many weaknesses an attacker could exploit, especially with continuously evolving threats.  Cyber security can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  We work closely with our clients and using plain speak and we take away the hassle and confusion of managing security in-house.


  • Assess

    Identifying weakness is the first step in forming an effective defense.  Understanding if your business is ready to stand up to the latest cyber threats is pivotal for putting an effective prevention strategy in place.  Understanding how much cyber liability insurance is also essential.  Our security assessment tool and services are designed to help you identify weaknesses across your security perimeter.  We will provide a custom cyber risk score to help determine how much cyber liability insurance your business needs and our security assessments can help uncover security gaps before the bad guys do.

  • Detect and respond

    Identifying early signs of attack is crucial.  A determined hacker will break through even the most resolute security defenses.  Being able to quickly spot an attack before it compromises critical assets could be the difference between deterrence and disaster.   We not only provide an around the clock detection and response service but essential support and advisory services if needed to manage a cyber-breach.

  • Compliance

    In today’s fiercely competitive and regulatory business landscape, organizations have a responsibility show they are dedicated to proactive protection of sensitive data about their customers, clients and partners.  The consequences of failing to take cybersecurity seriously are huge.   We’ll take an inventory of your organization’s data, understand its value, and categorize how it should be protected.  This includes physical, device and ongoing employee training.

  • Prevention

    Monitoring your brand assets on the deep web, dark web and open web is essential.  Should an issue be identified, you need visibility to most relevant and critical risks along with recommended actions to take down phishing attempts.  Guard Street provides the monitoring, recommendations needed.  We also provide your business and employees with the tools needed to securely store and access your data.


We not only identify risks and help your organization remediate, but we also help you manage risk.  We look at your business holistically to establish a true risk profile.  Traditional vulnerability scans and pen tests are important, but specific aspects of your organization including situational, industry and governance standards are also essential for determining the risk that will be remediated or transferred to insurance.  We provide the services and tools you need to secure your company in the most economical way.

Our highly experienced team have been on your side of the table and have had to make cybersecurity decisions.  That’s why we have created an easy experience for working with our company by understanding your needs and customizing our solution accordingly.

Everything a business needs for cybersecurity is available through Guard Street.

*Kaspersky Security Network